Here’s How to Match Jewelry with your Other Favorite Accessories

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Do you often shake your head in the morning as you try to find chic jewelry that goes with your outfit and accessories? It can be a challenge pairing what you think are your go-to pieces with a particular bag, or dress, or both. Check out syrcStyle’s tips on how to upgrade your style.


  1. Work around one centerpiece - With all the choices in your jewelry box, it can be a bit overwhelming as you try to narrow your selection down to one bracelet, for example. We often find that the easiest way to accessorize your jewelry is by picking one piece to work around and then to go from there. Maybe you choose a statement ring, bold watch, or chunky bracelet. At this point, your own creativity comes into play. Work around your statement piece by adding pieces that are smaller in size and not as flashy.
  2. Layer big with little - It’s possible that you may not have a favorite piece of jewelry and that there are equal standouts. If that’s the case, try to mix your jewelry by thickness and size. It’s a good idea to layer your bracelets by varying types.
  3. Mix metals - Remember the days when metals had to match? That’s no longer the case in 2017! In fact, it’s encouraged to mix all kinds of metals in terms of your jewelry. From silver and rose gold to copper and white gold, you’ll be amazed at how dressier your arm will look with several different metal pieces.
  4. Add plenty of color - You may have plenty of unique jewelry pieces to show off, but one way to really stand out is by adding a pop of color. For example, you could mix in colorful woven or beaded bracelets as a way to take on the high-low trend and spice up your jewelry game.
  5. Stack those rings - Are you not that much of a bracelet wearer? You can still enjoy a stacked jewelry look, but on your fingers instead. After all, stacking rings have become a huge trend of late and has never been easier with the variety of rings available. There aren’t really limits with stacking, either. So whether you want to wear multiple rings on one finger on just one on each, you’ll absolutely love the look.

Chic Jewelry from syrcStyle

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