A Son’s Guide to Buying Mother’s Day Jewelry

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, do you know what you’re going to get Mom for her special day? Mother’s Day takes place May 14th this year, so while you may think you have plenty of time to snag that perfect gift, it’s important to start looking now. Our team at syrcStyle can help you make this Mother’s Day a memorable one. In this blog post, we will provide some tips on how to choose the right jewelry for mom.

  1. Be sure to pick jewelry that’s right for her - Your first response to this may be, “How?” Our team of jewelry experts recommends that sons pay extra attention to their mom’s fashion and jewelry choices to get an idea. Can you tell if your mother chooses necklaces over earrings? Does she tend to push the edge of fashion with her jewelry taste or does she stick to the classics? Does your mom prefer a simple jewelry look or one that almost varies day to day? One thing to keep in mind is that sons should probably avoid giving their mom a ring on Mother’s Day.
  2. Try to pair the piece with her favorite outfit - This ties in a bit with our first tip, but trying to pair a piece of jewelry with your mom’s favorite outfit can make the buying process much easier and simpler. For example, we’re certain that your mother will love a gorgeous new pair of earrings that she knows will go perfectly with her favorite blouse.
  3. Take skin tone into account - Once you have a general idea of what your mom would like, it makes sense to choose a base color that works for her skin tone. So if your mother’s natural skin tone is cool, then silver jewelry is likely the most complementary jewelry choice for her. Plus, cooler skin toned women tend to be more sensitive to sun exposure with lighter, brighter eye colors. Women with warmer skin tones, meanwhile, look best with gold jewelry.
  4. Choose jewelry that fits her personality - It’s often a struggle for guys to realize that their mother has her own specific jewelry tastes. Believe it or not, what she likes may not exactly be what another woman likes. Jewelry shopping for one’s mother can turn into even more of a challenge if you are in a relationship. Chances are that you’ve been jewelry shopping for your girlfriend or wife countless times. Frankly, though, that isn’t likely to help much when trying to find the perfect piece for your mom. Our best advice of this entire guide may be to choose something that fits her personality. Is your mom bubbly and fun? There are plenty of pieces for that kind of woman. Is she more quiet and simple? You can be assured that there a variety of beautiful pieces for that kind of mom, as well.
  5. Take your time and be thoughtful with your choice - Let’s face it. Regardless of what you give your mom for Mother’s Day, she’s going to love it because it came from her son. There’s hopefully no need to fret about price or how much time you should take looking for the idea piece. As long as you put some thought into it, we’re sure that you’re going to find some jewelry that will wow Mom.

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