A Guy’s Guide to Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry

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Jewelry shopping for Valentine’s Day can be incredibly intimidating for guys. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for several months or you’ve been married for years, it doesn’t take much time in a jewelry store before your head is spinning.

The possibilities really are endless. Do you go with a piece that will blow her away or do you stick with something more basic and refined? In a recent article in Men’s Fitness, president of the jewelry retailer Ritani Brian Watkins reassures men that they should have fun with the process, as stressful as it may feel at times. Watkins explains that “It might feel a little daunting, but ultimately, you’re buying a special gift for someone you love and there’s no way they won’t appreciate it if you put thought and effort into it.”

Here are some things to remember as try to find the perfect jewelry for your valentine.

Figure out her taste

Knowing what your significant other likes and doesn’t like can go a long way before you even get to the jeweler. Does she wear gold, rose gold, white gold, silver or platinum the most? In terms of earrings, does she prefer drop earrings, hoops or studs? When it comes to bracelets, does she enjoy stacking them or wearing them individually? You can even take it a step further and figure out the differences of her everyday jewelry and what she puts on for special occasions. If you’re still stuck, it won’t hurt to ask her friends for advice.

Make her feel special

Some men dread shopping for jewelry so much that they’ll zip into the jeweler, pick out one of the priciest pieces and think that whatever they got will be perfect for their wife or girlfriend. That’s probably not what your valentine will be hoping for, though. Chances are they want you to spend a little time and pick out something special. Consider browsing a number of places and options in an effort to find that unique piece that reminds you of your honey.

Price isn’t everything

This tip ties into the previous one in that just because you’re willing to spend tons of money, doesn’t mean that amazing piece of jewelry is automatically going to fall into your lap. It’s always good advice to shop around, look for deals and do some research, especially if you have a tight budget.

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